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Date: 26th July 2016
Low Voltage Railway Electric Cart
Application ?The ?KPD electric cart (electric flat wagon) is mainly applied in assembly line, ?production line, metallurgy industry, warehouse transportation, ship industry ?(maintenance, assemble, container transportation), work piece transportation, ?lathe transportation, steel factory (steel billet, steel plate, steel coil, ?steel pipe, section steel structure), construction (bridge, simple building, ?concrete column), petroleum industry (oil pump, sucker rod and parts), energy ?(polycrystalline silicon, generator, windmill), chemical industry (electrolytic ?cell, retort), railway (rail maintenance, rail welding, train tractor), ?shipyard, etc.This series Towed Electric Transfer Cart is ?powered by rail, used for heavy duty load, high using frequency and meet full ?automation demand. This series ?Transfer Cart is able to run between two perpendicular tracks and the cart is ?also could run on L-form track or S-form track or curved track. Also, Transfer Cart ?is specially designed to cooperate with crane, which has been applied in many ?factory to transfer conductor or materails.Feature1.Low height, heavy duty, safe security2.Flexibility, high ?using frequency3.Long using ?time, long service life4.No limitation ?of running distance5.With lifting holes, convenient to shipment6.Stable start, big starting power7.Suitable for bad environment, high temperature, explosion ?environment8.Convenient for operation and maintaince