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Date: 26th July 2016
Baterry Powered Railway Electric cart
KPXAdvantages: ?Compare ?with coil cable and rail-powered electric transfer cart, the battery-powered ?cart has less requirement of track laying, common rail laying will make the ?normal operation of electric cart, also can be applied again to old track (or tracks ?without alteration). Electric transfer cart has no limit of running interval, ?can meet the need of turning, running way long intervals in transport links. ?Electric transfer cart may also be equipped with wireless remote control, ?remote control space will be up to 150 meters.Basic ?configuration1.Electric cart ?motor controls: use high frequency speed-adjustable control system, can greatly ?extend the power supply time and battery service life.2.Electric cart ?motor: high-load DC motor, using direct transverse rear axle drive, ensure the ?cart has good overload resistibility and constant speed and performance.3.Electric cart ?power: use strength lead-acid batteries, long service life.4.Electric cart ?brake: electromagnetic brake or mechanical wheel brakes, strong braking force5.Electric cart ?painting: user can choose the color6.Electric cart ?control: remote control and wire control, the farthest remote distance up to ?150 metersApplication ?The transfer machine is suitable for various ?industries, steel mill, transfer steel products such as steel structure, steel ?pipe, steel billets, steel ladle and coil, etc ?For horizontal load transfers of a wide range ?of material, hycrane has the heavy duty, high quality Transfer Cart solution ?you need. ?Transfer carts are used to carry loads along ?assembly lines; transfer material from one work station to the next; store and ?transport an entire shift worth of production. They can even be used as a ?stable yet moveable machine base. ?It's necessary ?equipment for lifting goods,raising labor ?efficiency,improving working conditions.